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    Key Products: n-Butyllithium  Methylmagnesium chloride  Chlorovinylmagnesium  Isopropylmagnesium chloride  
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    English name: n-Butyllithium
    Molecular formula: C4H9Li
    Molecular weight: 64.09
    CAS No.: 109-72-8
    Structural formula: 
    I. Products: 
       n-C4H9Li is colorless or yellowish transparent liquid.

    II. Major indexes:

      1.Alkaline impurities: ≤1.0%(max)
      2.Covalent chloride and Cl-: ≤0.1%(max)

    III. Uses: organic catalytic reaction

    IV. Packing: We can offer all-closed external pressure resistant packing supplies at the request of clients. The product should be isolated from air and water during using process.

    V. Specifications: 500ml bottle, 30L steel cylinder, 300-500L storage tank.

    VI. Notes: keey away from high temperature and open fire. No contact with air and water. Keep at low temperature.

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